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Client Testimonials


"Shaun's Drywall was our choice for a drywall contractor for a remodel we started a few years ago. The first part involved a complete kitchen and dining room, entry, and most of the living room. Since then we've had him back to do the rest of the house. He's pleasant, and he does excellent work."

Rich A.
Golden Valley, MN

Shaun's Drywall

"Shaun’s Drywall exceeded my expectations and communicated clearly, worked diligently, and took the time to explain the process. Shaun and his crew were very professional and had to work in some extremely hot conditions with no complaints. The initial bid and the final price left no surprises and I felt fortunate to find a drywall contractor who listened to my needs. Shaun made helpful suggestions and finished on schedule. I would gladly recommend Shaun’s Drywall to anyone looking for value and professionalism. Thanks for a job well done!"

Jeffrey Westgor
Westgor & Associates
Edina, MN

Shaun's Drywall

"I have had the good fortune to be associated with Shaun’s Drywall for the past 15 years. If you want the job to be done correctly, timely, and professionally, then Shaun’s Drywall is the Company for you!"

Doug Vaughan, President
Vaughan Construction, Inc

Shaun's Drywall

"Shaun is a great member of our remodeling team. We can always count on him to do an excellent job. He is a perfectionist and pays attention to detail. He is good at coming up with solutions for unusual situations. Not only does he provide excellent workmanship, but he brings a positive & thoughtful personality to the jobsite. We even had a customer express appreciation for Shaun helping her carry in her groceries!"

Blair George, President
Ideal Construction, Inc